1. Technology Scanning: Internal & External Scans (wrt ICT Integration)
2. Professional Development - PD Guide Survey (Outcomes; Areas of Focus)
3. Systemic Review: BY(i)TES - An introduction (key terms in Glossary)
Hands-on session for those who would like to learn to create blogs

Activity 1: PD-ICT Session 1 from Richie

1. Personally I think one thing for the Masterplans is really how to integrate curriculum, assessment and technology together to engage the learners. We can have interesting lessons but we must always bear in mind assessment issues so that we know we are assessing our learners fairly and accurately.
2. Baseline ICT Standards is a guide from the ministry on a set of skills required by students. We should be bringing our students beyond those but make sure they possess this basic set of skills and use it PERVASIVELY.

Activity 1: PD-ICT Session 1 - from Lam

1. pervasive use of web 2.0 communication, sharing on working document
2. more online tools for tg and lg


Activity 1: PD-ICT Session 1 from Jennifer

I would like to use ICT to simulate a mock UN discussion - where debates can go on simultaneously online

Blogs could also be used to retrieve and review students' reflections on their work and/or the lessons

Activity 1: PD-ICT Session 1 - from Kim Hong


Activity 1: PD-ICT Session 1 - from Johari'

.1 use of ICT to source for information in CCLL
.2 students needs analysis - survey


Resources for Session 2

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